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FlavorWiki Introduces the Taster of the Month A ward


We are always considering our "Tasters" when it comes to improving the FlavorWiki user experience. We want to thank you properly for the work you have done for us. That is why each month we will be picking the "FlavorWiki Taster of the Month" which will have the opportunity to enter a random drawing from qualified Tasters that could win him/her a prize.

How can you participate in FlavorWiki tastings?

In order to register and participate in Flavorwiki surveys, please register your email on our website, if you have not done so already. We will email you and invite you for a new tasting as soon as we launch one. Please add your country. The surveys are specific for each country.

How can you win the Taster of the Month?

You must participate in more than one tasting that we conduct and to be validated as a compliant response based on instructions in the survey in order to win. That means that you were able to complete our surveys correctly and were paid a cashback.

How will be the "Taster of the Month" selected?

Each month we make a random drawing in order to select the taster that will be awarded this title. We will post the winner on the FlavorWiki Facebook Page every month.

Are you ready to win this? Then participate in our surveys and provide valuable insights regarding your favorite types of food.



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