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The end of the lockdown will not mean a return to the old “normal,” nor will it be universal. The reopening of small businesses that have been impacted by the coronavirus will take different shapes in every country and region. This means that the business sectors will be resuming activities in distinct ways and at multiple speeds because of the coronavirus impact on small businesses.

The virus still lurks, and the ability to contain its spread will dictate what happens next; any resurgence will likely bring about renewed restrictions. Large-scale testing and tracing, the broad availability of masks, and sufficient intensive-care capacity in hospitals will determine the pace of recovery.

Digital Tastings
Remote Digital Tastings

With communities opening up all over the world, FlavorWiki is ready to resume its studies. We want to be able to provide meaningful insights for our clients, listen properly to their needs, and meet their expectations. Now, it is vital to know what your consumers want and how you can furnish them with the most appropriate products and services.

FlavorWiki is ready to restart surveys in multiple countries around the world and would like to help you better understand your consumers. Every feature of the FlavorWiki software is designed to improve the quality of foods and beverages produced by food companies and contribute to the efficiency of their production processes.

What will we do in the post-COVID-19 time?

We have already started running surveys in France, the US, and the UK. With this crisis still around, we assure you that consumer behavior is more important than ever, and that is why we will provide better data quality for your business.

Better quality data for your business

Data is the most valuable resource for your business. But data is only useful if it’s high-quality. Bad data is at best inconsequential. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead companies to make costly mistakes. At Flavorwiki, we make sure we provide the best data quality for your business by using advanced sensory software. Our software profiles a unique tasting profile whilst offering valuable insights.

Software improvements

We have been investing in the development of our software continuously, especially now, with the impact of the coronavirus on small businesses. We accelerated our improvement process. Flavorwiki increased its engagement and we want to drive a greater impact on society. We managed to get insight into engagement, more impact, and activity with reports that drill down to any level of our organization. We identified where improvement was needed and we tracked progress toward goals. Now we are ready to take your business to the next level.

Digital Data Capture
Digital Data Capture

Customer Relationships

It is important that companies keep in touch with their customers. Small businesses must send regular updates on what’s going on in the organization, so customers know how they can do business with the company. We listen to our clients better and we level up to their needs in this rough time by constant contact and updates.

What will change after this crisis regarding our services?

We will pay more attention to our clients’ needs, but also our tasters’ needs. In this way, can we create a truthful connection between the food industry and its consumers. We will try to better understand how consumer behaviors have changed and what factors led to this change. Our mission remains to help you to continue developing your products and services in order to reach the right audiences.

Pay more attention to our clients' needs

The FlavorWiki team is an active listener team which can determine and understand what your business needs in these hard times. Our team will schedule meetings that will determine the best way in which we can connect you to your consumers through our unique tasting app and community.

Remote digital tasting

Smell and taste senses are an essential part of everyday life experiences for your customers, right? They don't only create an immediate response, but they also register naturally in people’s memory, triggering strong and lasting personal emotions and experiences. We know that in the COVID-19 time, it is difficult to conduct studies otherwise than online, that is FlavorWiki can create a virtual sales meeting, complete with sample tasting and actionable data for your business.

At FlavorWiki, our quality is even better, and we are working to improve our software every day. Just let us know what you need for your business, and we can make it happen. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that your company start using digital tastings (as consumers cannot travel) and gather information electronically.

Book a meeting with the FlavorWiki team for further information about our services, and read this blog post about the relaunch of our business after the COVID-19 lockdown.



FlavorWiki helps the food and beverage industry evaluate consumer perception and preference in record time, at a price that fits any budget. We have developed a unique, patent pending, digital sensory technology to evaluate flavor, texture, aroma and mouthfeel simultaneously using regular consumers. Equipped with this application, our global community of consumers return actionable insights in a matter of hours. No more waiting for weeks to understand a market or consumer segment.

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