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Even though coronavirus affected many business sectors, we chose to use this worldwide lockdown as an opportunity to further develop our software, our app, and our services. We took on these challenges so that we could provide the best consumer behavior analytics on the market at reasonable costs and high quality.

To do so, we developed some features that help our business internally, as well as our users externally. Some of these enhancements are listed and explained below.

Foldering structure for organizing surveys

This structure allows you to organize surveys into folders, making it clearer for our team which surveys are active, which are suspended, and which are only drafts. This feature improves our response time to customer tickets and also minimizes the search time for validations.

Taster Account & Taster Dashboard

Now a user from anywhere in the world can create and hold an account in FlavorWiki. In this account, they can find new surveys available for them. They can also see what rewards are offered for specific surveys, whether they have qualified for the surveys, and whether or not they have completed them. This makes it easier for our tasters to find and to participate in relevant surveys.

FlavorWiki Latest Feature Releases
Announcing our new features

Generate PowerPoint Presentations of the charts from the operator side

This internal feature helps display the results of each survey to our clients, allowing us to put the charts into a clean PowerPoint presentation and to provide precise explanations. In this way, our clients benefit from more valuable consumer insights, which are presented professionally by the most well-prepared members of our team.

The PDF editor and creation of PDF report

This feature provides an option to generate a PDF report for our clients. This means our clients will get their data presented rightfully in a PDF document that will be generated from our operator side.

Product sorting order (reverse order, permutation, fixed order)

The product sorting order forces the taster to taste some products selected by clients first for more spontaneous answers. We now offer a fixed order in which a taster must complete one product first before accessing others. This can be useful when the client is looking for a particular type of consumer behavior.

Matrix Question

Matrix question is a closed-ended question that asks respondents to evaluate one or more row items using the same set of column choices. A Rating Scale question, commonly known as a Likert Scale, is a variation of the Matrix question where you can assign weights to each answer choice.

Group chart labels

The option to group chart labels was added for our specialists to view join-stats of different products. This can improve the quality of the data we provide to our clients and can also help us see which product performs the best.

We are ready to offer diversified services for your business, especially after this pandemic, when consumer behavior has radically changed. Now is the best time to find out how can you approach your consumers, what they really think of your products, and how can you retain their business.

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FlavorWiki helps the food and beverage industry evaluate consumer perception and preference in record time, at a price that fits any budget. We have developed a unique, patent pending, digital sensory technology to evaluate flavor, texture, aroma and mouthfeel simultaneously using regular consumers. Equipped with this application, our global community of consumers return actionable insights in a matter of hours. No more waiting for weeks to understand a market or consumer segment.

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